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Hi! I'm a slightly crazy Indonesian fangirling artist who can do English fluently (grammar not guaranteed). I hope I get to be a cartoonist when I grow up. You can always ask because I'd love to have a talk.


ugh i can’t figure out whether i’m an introvert or i’m an extrovert but being autistic just causes my extroversion to manifest differently



weird autism things: being afraid your special interest will fade and you wont feel the same joy looking at it in a few weeks

I don’t usually feel this way because a loss of a special interest is replaced by a new one.


like… if “stupid” is a slur than “irrational” is a slur

"irrational" gets used all the time against mentally ill people!

and like… “I’m crazy about Doctor Who” and “You’re crazy and should be locked up” are so different… two different words. And claiming the first one is a slur is like claiming “fire retardant” is a slur

and all these lists of words we can’t use just make it harder for people with language problems to communicate.

I do feel weird when “autistic” is used as a slur in Bahasa Indonesia.

Get this. Indonesians tend to say “autistic with the phone” even if the one using the phone is neurotypical.


so many parents of Autistic kids talk about how tragic it is that their kids won’t hug them or be affectionate but like

kids are not machines made to give you love and niceness

your kids are not responsible for making you feel loved and good about yourself. they are not supposed to be your parents they’re your kids 

Well tbh when our parents get old we’re supposed to treat them like our children but other than that I completely agree with you.

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folks need to stop using “genderqu-r” as a cover-all for nonbinary genders like

  1. qu-r is a slur and not everyone wants to “reclaim” it so back off
  2. not all nonbinary folks are genderqu-r they are not synonyms



They added more voices!

That is all.


Throwback Thursday: Aleksandar Antonijevic in his 2007/08 Souvenir Book photo.

This season, Aleksandar is behind the camera photographing the company for the upcoming 2014/15 Souvenir Book.


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How It’s Said (substitutes)

In a happy way: laughed, rejoiced, giggled, joked, lilted, sang out.

In a sad way: cried, agonised, bawled, blubbered, lamented, sobbed, groaned, snivelled, wept, mourned.

In a bossy way: insisted, bossed, demanded, preached, dictated, professed, ordered.

In an angry way: raged, miffed, seethed, fumed, retorted, thundered, blurted.

In a pained way: barked, cried out, cried, screamed, jabbered, bellowed, groaned, howled, shrieked, roared, grieved, wailed, yelped.

In a frightened way: quaked, stammered, shuddered, quivered, trembled.

In an understanding way: empathised, accepted, consoled, crooned, comforted, sympathised, agreed.

In a tired way: mumbled, struggled, emitted, wearied.

In a begging way: beseeched, begged, implored, pleaded, entreated, appealed to.

In a mocking way: mocked, ridiculed, derided, hooted, japed, insulted, jeered, parodied, taunted, teased, chaffed, flouted, degraded, sneered, disdained, jibed, gibed, disparaged, belittled, decried, flouted, fleered, leered, scoffed, sniggered, swiped, scorned, repudiated, lampooned.

In a seductive way: purred, simpered, coaxed, wheedled, persuaded, baited.

As an answer: As an answer: responded, retorted, replied, rejoined, answered, acknowledged.

[Source] [[Jack Teagle]