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Muslims against ISIS…… because we don’t want the 0.01% representing the 99.99%

To all of you racists out there posting “I don’t see Muslims protesting ISIS”

Muslims, leaps and bounds beyond christians and cops.

This post is so fucking nasty especially that disgusting comment above mine

I’m so sick and tired of us having to convince other people of our humanity every time any Muslim in the world farts.

How many times do we need to open up with disclaimers when discussing something? How many times do you hear a Muslim begin their statement with “I’m a proud American/British/etc citizen and am against terror” before they dare to practice their free speech, and god forbid, criticize the country they live in?

How many times do you hear westerners start up with a disclaimer when they want to talk about the Middle East/North Africa/anywhere on the planet? How many of them begin with “Oh first of all I’d like to denounce colonialism and imperialism”? 

I’m not apologizing for anything any Muslim ever does or has done, because I am not the bloody spokesperson for a fifth of the whole planet.
We do not need to prove anything to anyone.

Our actions should be purely in solidarity and support for Iraqis and Syrians menaced by ISIS, and any other group really in any part of the world currently suffering.

It should never be an attempt to “prove” our humanity and to try and win brownie points from apathetic westerners with more blood on their hands than a thousand ISIS could ever manage.


This sign is in my doctors office above the scale and I really love it. It actually made me feel a lot better after reading it










social justice

this post is shit and creative freedom doesnt mean you get to be a racist,sexist,transphobic  asshole lol 

"creative freedom" wow yeah the same cishet white neurotypical people in every piece of media ever is so creative and realistic right.  (sarcasm) 

hey op what the fuck is your ailment

are those fucking swastikas


cuz, you know,

wanting equal representation in modern media is just as bad as killing millions of people

…this is in no war reflective of anything that does or even could take place in reality…

Exactly how many pieces of media have been literally destroyed for lacking diversity? The worst they get from “SJWs” is Internet criticism, which is apparently by itself is egregious to gamernerds since freedom of speech is only worth defending if you agree with it.

I’m still facepalming over the swastikas. I mean, it’s not like there are still actual Nazis out there, or the people “SJWs” support are the ones the actual Nazis hate, or anything. Fucking nerdbros are the worst.

People who think criticism is the same thing as censorship really need to get over themselves.

What, are you so unsure of everything that you can’t like something unless it’s PERFECT and nobody says a word against it?

Because it’s never just “you say this work has too many white dudes in it, but I disagree”, it’s “you say this work has too many white dudes in it HOW DARE YOU DESTROY ART FOREVER”

K bro chill now


sweaty wrestlers give me strength


double time


Sorry for the irregular schedule, hopefully everything will be on track now with the Skullgirls weekly shirts being back on Mondays!

Week 73 of our officially licensed Skullgirls weekly tees!

This week we have Avian’s Finest, a Lab-08 themed design, contributed by the amazing Yojio!

Available in two color schemes! This shirt will available from September 15th to September 22nd, 2014.

(For those eagerly awaiting designs for the other titles we have licenses for, more are coming very soon! Your patience is appreciated!)

Gah. #max #dyned #sketch #doodle #pencil #draweveryday #man #wounds #face #portrait


i kinda wanna start an autistic headcanons blog???? like i know of yourfaveisautistic but people seem to mainly use that just to put it out there, and there’s very little discussion on it, and i’d like something a bit more community-oriented, where we can discuss the autistic traits we see in our favs and kinda just have a space to talk about our experiences being represented

if this type of thing already exists, i’d be very happy if someone pointed me in that direction, but if it doesn’t, then i’d like to do it!!

OMG I can then talk about how Max Wilson is a kinda neurotypical-passing autistic.



Al Jazeera America film crew after a cop literally drove up to them, dropped tear gas, and drove away.

I’m having quite a migraine today after tons of college assignments so I photoshopped this.