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Hi! I'm a slightly crazy Indonesian fangirling artist who can do English fluently (grammar not guaranteed). I hope I get to be a cartoonist when I grow up. You can always ask because I'd love to have a talk.

Buried with the cursed artifact. #skullgirls #sketch #art #beowulf #skullheart #dead #man #wolf #hoodie #fanart #gaming #dlc

It’s been a long time I’ve been thinking of Kathy being a fencer with magical powers and be a companion to Maximus.

Actually, there are some thoughts of how Kathy gets to be a fencer:

1. Kathy gets similar powers to Max(imus)

2. Maximus somehow died and became the spirit of Kathy’s sword.

3. Kathy’s born to have magical powers.

Don’t worry Lauren still loves her mommy.

Headcanon: Karen (Mommy) is so discipline that she wants every member of the family to have short hair, including her daughter Lauren. Also, Max (Daddy) doesn’t get mad easily.

Somehow I’m allowed by the friggin’ creator of DynEd to decide the canon of New Dynamic English, and I was very happy.

Thus the born of the role of the Japanese woman in Module 1, Unit 1. I feel so bad how she’s only referred as “this woman”, so why why can’t she be Karen Nazuka, Max’s wife?  

I think I should form the NDE cast’s personalities, which would not be easy.

Upper fanart made at June 5th, 2010

Lower fanart made today, December 20th, 2012

Somehow, I’ve made Phineas look way older than Isabella. Also, this doesn’t mean I’ll be active in the Phineas and Ferb series… yet. I’m currently not following the series because I gave up trying to figure out who Phineas and Candace’s biological father is. But hopefully I can have a marathon and watch all of the Phineas and Ferb episodes that I’ve been missing out.

This was in my head so I gotta spit it out, OK?

When I was thinking that Max’s wife Karen was actually a Japanese woman named “Karin” this idea came out. Have an oriental-esque Max!

I’m also trying to perfect Max’s businessman haircut. It’s actually more different than I thought.

Just signalling that I really want to post my own art on tumblr, but I’m not sure whether you’d see it, rendering it useless. Well, it’s OK since New Dynamic English doesn’t have a lot of fans. Not only that, I usually spit out my ideas when I sketch on paper and not on my laptop via tablet. 



coco and milou!

I love coco, he’s so sweet


Just wanted to put a more BAMF Miko.