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Final Fantasy XII Moogle Cosplay by Semashke 

The head seems too small but eh…


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FF Tactics Advance

Princess Tilika / Montblanc / Marche

Sorry about the yuck on the last one, I draw very light, and it doesn’t always scan well.


what did this rabbit just say to me

My first impression as well.

I was picking up my old idea on making a story/comic based on Montblanc being a human girl and now I’ve got more than one idea on the design. Let’s start with the hair? Which one do you like the most? Any suggestions, like on the black earrings?

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Death, kupo!

White Flower Translations: FFTA Radio Edition -- Release!




At long last, we bring this project to a close on this day, February 14, 2013. We present to you the full version of the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Drama Subs. Enjoy!

YouTube Links [All]

  1. 第01話「異世界イヴァリース」IVALICE
  2. 第02話「エンゲージ!」Engage!
  3. 第03話「かなえられた夢」Realized…



Montblanc (モンブラン)

Race: Moogle
Gender: Male
Age: (ノ@w@„)ノ
Job: Black Mage
Sub: Time Mage
Reaction: Block Arrows
Support: Concentrate
Equipment: Sapere Aude, Magic Robe


A generally cheerful Moogle, Montblanc is very supportive of everyone in his clan. With his ability to suggest alternative methods and the fact that he’s always able to clear Marche’s doubts, the clan easily sees him as its vice-leader.

Montblanc is a responsible Moogle who’s always ready to take charge when Marche needs him. He’s also knowledgeable and wise. Montblanc does his best to keep the clan in a cheery, relaxed mood.


Seeing a lot of great people and clans as a kid, Montblanc wanted to start his own clan. Once he’s old enough and had gathered enough funds, he decided to do just that, so he left home with blessings from his Master, who had taught him and his siblings about battles.

With some difficulty, Montblanc managed to gather and recruit several members and start a small clan. However, partly because none of them were strong enough, they weren’t able to do any worthy missions. Montblanc wondered if he’ll ever be successful in clan business.

That’s when he met Marche, who decided to join his clan. Having no member who’s able to lead the clan, he decided to appoint Marche as the new leader, wanting to give him it a try.

The plan unexpectedly worked. From that point onwards, they were pulled along into an adventure with Marche. Marche himself led the clan well and realized Montblanc’s dream of making his clan a powerful and well-known one.

When the time came for Marche to leave, Montblanc decided to leave the clan, too. With his new experience and all the things he had learned, he wanted to give clan-making another try. This time, he wanted to be the leader.

With the rest of the clan members each having their own plans, the clan decided to disband. Even so, they promised to remain friends & allies forever before they went their separate ways. Montblanc then went to set up his new clan, Clan Centurio, in Rabanastre (*FFXII reference).


-    Montblanc has 5 siblings (Nono, Hurdy, Gurdy, Sorbet, Horne), with Montblanc himself as the eldest.
-    Unlike the other Moogles, Montblanc is no good as a Gadgeteer. However, he’s excellent in using spells. [Info from the FFTA drama CDs]
-    May sometimes bicker with his siblings, especially with Nono, but he loves all of them.
-    Usually fights alongside Marche.

AAAAA Montblanc long time no see! X’D


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