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Hi! I'm a slightly crazy Indonesian fangirling artist who can do English fluently (grammar not guaranteed). I hope I get to be a cartoonist when I grow up. You can always ask because I'd love to have a talk.

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Kathy: How’s Karen’s job search going? 

Max: Well, there are a lot of jobs for computer programmers. 
But she can only work part-time.

Kathy: Who will take care of John during the day?

Max: Well, we’re looking for child care. 
And I can work at home two afternoons a week.

Kathy: Well, say hi for me.

Max: OK, I’ll do that. I hope we can get together again soon.

Kathy: Yes, I like that.
Kathy: Say, Max, what’s that book you have? You never bring books to the studio.
Max: This book? It’s Tom Sawyer. You know this book, don’t you?
Kathy: Sure! But I read it a long time ago. In school. It’s by Mark Twain, isn’t it?
Max: That’s right. I read Tom Sawyer when I was in high school, but I’m reading it again. Tom Sawyer is the story of a young boy named Tom. He lived in a small town on the Mississippi River about 100 years ago.
Kathy: Yes, I remember. Why are you reading it again?
Max: Well, actually, I have an idea for a radio show.
Kathy: What is it?
Max: Well, people like to hear about famous American writers. And famous American books. I think it would be a good idea for a radio show.
Kathy: What a great idea! A radio show about books.
Max: I’m glad you like the idea. Maybe you can help me choose some books for the show?
Kathy: Sure!
wait Max has that much liberty for making a radio show that's it Max is definitely a producer.


Is it me or whitewashing got real?

During childhood Max faced racial discrimination as looking brown despite that he’s anthropologically Caucasian. He’s not bullied, but he didn’t really get any friends either (because of his “strange appearance”) and so did his siblings. Especially given that Oregon is a super-white state. 

Kathy didn’t really receive racial discrimination in New York because there were a lot of Puerto Ricans including Multiracial Hispanics in her area. She’s only been mentally bullied because of her geeky tendencies.

Isn’t it interesting how Kathy is considered “White and Black” with light-skin while Max is cosidered “White” with dark-skin?

This is Kathy IRL. No really, she is. Yes, Kathy is just a character, but this is Kathy played by an actor.

What I do know is that Kathy is Hispanic and that she’s Puerto Rican, but what’s her race. According to the US Consensus, can she pass as black, white, asian, or mixed race?

Is it me or I made the NDE cast so gender-ambiguous (in the current (sexist?) social norm). I mean:

1. Max Wilson’s interests include football (and used to be a quarterback), warfare, steak, bisque dolls (which is part of his past time), dancing (wait isn’t that gender neutral?) and fashion (Max is an economical metrosexual). He gets really scared when faced with spiders. He is also very talkative and expresses his emotions easily.

2. Kathy Catalonia loves sci-fi, shopping, baseball, and cooking. Kathy herself is a pescatarian. She used to be a fencer, but had quit in her teens. She doesn’t express her own problems, although her job has lead her to ask other people, and shows that she is able to communicate, but prefers to be alone (making her an introvert). She’s more objective than subjective. Not only that she’s good at physics and math.

3. Karen Wilson loves video games and comic books, making her considered a geek. She’s a computer programmer (even though in the early years it’s normal for women to have the job), and is really good at it. She’d occasionally make robots. Karen is also very social, like Max. However, Karen’s more panicky and doesn’t think ahead. Oh, not to mention Karen loves to cook. Also she doesn’t care about her appearance.

Yeah, I think it’s just them. Pierre, Elizabeth, Larry, and Boris pretty much fit into their gender roles even though Elizabeth is actually a badass with a gun.

There’s a scene in New Dynamic English where Max asks Kathy out for lunch. Kathy declines, then Max says, “Oh, what are you up to?” Kathy refuses to give the reason and then Max says, “Ah, a secret!” Then Kathy says “No, not really. It’s just-” Max interrupts and says, “That’s OK… If you don’t wanna tell me~” Kathy finally says “Let’s go some other time.”

Does this mean… That Max was psychologically oppressing Kathy? 0_0