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Hi! I'm a slightly crazy Indonesian fangirling artist who can do English fluently (grammar not guaranteed). I hope I get to be a cartoonist when I grow up. You can always ask because I'd love to have a talk.

Don’t worry Lauren still loves her mommy.

Headcanon: Karen (Mommy) is so discipline that she wants every member of the family to have short hair, including her daughter Lauren. Also, Max (Daddy) doesn’t get mad easily.

I wanted to try a different style of drawing, so here’s some symbolic (which I don’t know its meaning besides the fact the heart is out TT_TT) art of Lauren Wilson. Not sure if emo or touching…

Rest in Peace, Lauren Wilson, daughter of Maxwell and Karen Wilson, who died by the age of 10 in San Francisco, California by a heart difficulty.

I mean, why did DynEd remove Max’s daughter from existence?

This is the result of thinking that Max Wilson is a rich businessman. I mean, media usually portray businessmen’s daughters as princesses, right?